American Airlines Contract Agreement

The agreement was ratified by an overwhelming majority and received the support of 91% of mechanics, 95% of fleet service and 92% of storage employees. About 85% of the members voted. The results were announced late Thursday. What do you think of this agreement between the American management and the mechanics` union? The agreements also offer “a formula for profit-sharing of the industry,” the unions said on 30 January, after the negotiations. This formula is much higher than the 5% currently offered by the American. It provides 10% of the $2.5 billion in upstream revenue and 20% of pre-tax revenue of more than $2.5 billion. Ta provides 17 tasks that must be performed exclusively by CSC/CSA staff. Most of the tasks that can be performed by TA contractors are currently performed by contractors at American. Provisional agreement. It has not yet been voted on and approved by union affiliation. The impact of the severe COVID 19 pandemic on the operation of the company has created uncertainty about the ability to predict specific implementation dates for certain contractual elements that the company must undertake.

That is why the parties have agreed to meet within 60 days of ratification and ongoing, in order to reach agreement on all outstanding agreements after the ratification date and not in the implementation agreement reached today. The Attempt Agreement is a complex document that the members of the negotiating committee and the company have been working on for many months. The negotiating committee, with one exception, strongly supports the result. We believe that we have negotiated the best possible agreement for all members and that these provisions are a marked improvement over previous treaties. “This treaty was ratified by 85% because workers understood that it had a significant victory in an era of total uncertainty,” Samuelsen said. “This is proof of what workers can do when they are side by side. It increases employment, improves volume protection and increases wages and benefits for American Airlines employees. The CWA/IBT Association and the company have agreed in writing that the association will submit a proposal in 2016 on new conditions for health care, and the outcome of these discussions will determine coverage for 2017 and beyond.

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