Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Academic And Professional Staff)

Pay rates are described as follows in the corresponding employment agreement. 57.6 If the agent or his elected representative is available within 14 days of the date he or she is present, the Vice-Chancellor will not terminate the employment of the officer in accordance with point 57.5 of this section, unless the findings of the report are confirmed by an independent expert appointed by the Vice-Chancellor with the agreement of the President of the Institution (or Delegate) of Monash University. and academic and professional staff at the university, whether employed or not, with the exception of the following agents: 29.8 A CTMC agreement is considered to be the majority. 9.2 In the case of paragraph 9.1.2, the university may require appropriate documentation from a registered physician. Before responding to a request in point 65 above, the University must review the application with the official and make a real effort to reach agreement on a change in the rules of work that takes due account of the circumstances of the employee, in light of point 17.2 above, in order to facilitate the safe return of staff to work on campus; The university and a professional (who is not a shift worker) may agree that the officer can start or finish the work up to 2 hours before or two hours after the late work time (which does not extend beyond 8 p.m.), Monday to Friday. This measure is subject to agreement and possible occupational health and safety reasons. When such an agreement is reached, the specialized employee is not entitled to overtime rates or penalties for hours worked before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. under the agreement. The minimum length of leave in the process of cashing out is one week. A minimum balance of 4 weeks of annual leave must be maintained to allow a request for payment. All payments made at the time of payment of the annual leave are not supernumerary and are not considered a service.

Staff are advised to seek financial advice before requesting a leave of absence. Any acceptance of an application for payment of annual leave must be recorded in a written agreement between the agent and the university. Such a set of remunerations is defined in an agreement with the university, which provides: 72.6 The Specialized Personnel Workload Review Committee may, at the request of the Chief of Human Resources, examine the problems identified regarding the workload of qualified staff at the work unit or profession level and report to the Chief Human Resources Officer on the committee`s results. The committee will be able to make recommendations if all members of the Committee agree. Relevant labour agreement: the Australian Labour Agreement (AWA) or the Enterprise Agreement that applies to a given employee. The 2014 Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Academic and Professional Staff) applies to academic and professional staff at the university and, based on services provided by a craft and service employee, Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Trades and Services – Staff Building and Metal Trades Staff) 2009 or the Agreement monash University Enterprise Agreement (Trades and Services Staff – Catering and Retail) 2009 Cleaning and Caretaking , and Miscellaneous Services staff) 2005 gelten.

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