Roto Rooter Franchise Agreement

Between Roto Rooter franchises and business services, the brand serves about 90% of the U.S. population. There are also Roto Rooter companies in Canada and master`s franchises in various international markets. Franchisees can succeed through brand awareness and unique equipment and techniques. At that time, the company encouraged master franchises in international markets and offered entrepreneurs exclusive territorial rights and the opportunity to expand the business through the sub-franchise. Roto-rooter acquires Dayton franchise Chemed Corporation (“Chemed”) (CHE: chemed corp new com News, Chart, Profile, read latest: 36.69-1.38-3.62% 16:04pm 20.11.2008 Late data Add to portfolio Analyst Create Insider Discuss Financials notification Sponsored by: CHE 36.69, -1.38, -3.6%) today gave its Roto Root Service. Have you always had the gift of using your hands? Do you like the idea of helping people get out of a difficult situation? Then you may be the ideal candidate for a Roto Rooter franchise! With one of the best brands in the cleaning and plumbing industry, the franchisees of this organization will help you get an immediate presence that can translate into a good business opportunity. Roto-Rooter currently has a network of more than 600 franchisees and related, in the United States and around the world – a network of dedicated businessmen you would be connected to. This purchase is part of Roto-Rooter`s current strategy to acquire franchises to increase productivity, market share and profitability. Abrams drew attention to an after-sales service problem he has seen repeatedly, a problem that can only occur when a company is divided into two types of branches: sometimes a customer calls a franchise with a complaint and, if not satisfied, calls the company`s headquarters. The problem, Abrams says, is that the company`s headquarters isn`t able to support franchised customers. Number of employees required to operate a franchise: 3 Type of business The franchise offered is for the right to operate a business that offers sewers, sewers, pipe cleaning and specific related services under the name “Roto-Rooter”. “Some franchises have been in the family since the 1930s,” said Paul Abrams, a spokesman for Roto Rooter.

“Most families who own a franchise are not interested in selling. If someone doesn`t have an heir, they try to sell it back to the company. Otherwise, they make a good living and want to keep it in the family. Our commitment is to expand into selected international markets by entering into exclusive master-independent franchise agreements. As an independent master franchisee, you enjoy the many benefits of working with Roto-Rooter – benefits that will help you grow your independent franchise and succeed as an international independent franchisee….

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