Salford Council Tenancy Agreement

You should also contact the Hospitality Options Service by registering for, visiting the Salford Home Search office or notifying us as soon as possible of any change in circumstances, which may change your category or application points and if you do not, this may lead to the termination of your affiliation or the withdrawal of real estate offers. Only some houses in the city are part of the loan program. The construction of private dwellings must be accredited or in the process of being manufactured. The landlord must also agree to give the tenant all legal rights in accordance with the rules of the state. In addition, the owner must accept this method of payment, as he does not receive cash. On the contrary, Salford City Council only guarantees the deposit that would otherwise be charged to the potential tenant. Write down the meters of your electricity, gas and water supply (if any) on the day of the start of the rental and contact the relevant companies to provide them with the readings and tell them that you are the new tenants. Once the family or individual has found a property to rent, they can then ask the Council for help. The person should never enter into a rental agreement until the authorities have considered the application and taken other measures, for example. B housing inspection. If a resident needs help finding private land in the City of Salford, the authorities may also, in some cases, contribute to it.

Full-time students are usually exempt from paying municipal tax, but you must fill out a form to inform the council which you can find on the Salford Council website. You should do this as soon as possible to confirm that you are released and prevent invoices from being wrongly sent to you. If you need a Certificate of Exemption from the Board, please click here for more information on how to obtain it from the university. It is important to report any problems with your home to your landlord as soon as you notice them. For more details on who is responsible for what, see our fact sheet (PDF). Take a look and make sure you are aware of your responsibility, what is the responsibility of your landlord and make sure to report it completely. If you have any problems with your landlord, you can contact us on or by phone on 0161 295 0023 (option 3, option 3). . . .

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