Settlement Agreement Significato In Italiano

Olympique de Marseille is back under the lens of Uefa because they did not respect the pickets imposed by financial fair play. The French club, along with Lechia Gdansk`s Poles, has been referred to the judges` chamber of the Club Financial Control Body following an investigation into regular checks under the settlement agreement for the current season. According to the chief investigator of the supervisory body, the French did not respect the terms of the agreement. 8 (Econ) Balance m., payment f., payment m., payment m.: Settlement of an invoice balance of an invoice. No Uefa stangata. Olympique de Marseille will participate in the next Champions League, although it has not respected the standards of financial fair play. The French club, referred to the jury of the Financial Control Body for violation of the pickets imposed by the settlement agreement, was sanctioned with a fine of three million euros, to which was to be added the payment of 15% of the revenue from participation in Uefa tournaments for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. The Marsigliesi. 1 composition f., accommodation f., dissolution f., definition f.: the settlement of a dispute the settlement of a dispute; A colony to strike. A “new” financial fair play to promote the sustainable development of football in Europe. The conference “Does Financial Fair Play Matter” at Universit Bocconi highlighted the views of the associations and UEFA on the instrument of budgetary control of European companies. The reason why, in recent years, Inter Milan, just like the Roma, had to submit to a settlement agreement, while Milan was excluded from the European League. On the other hand, several clubs are.

6 (act of locating) installation f.: the settlement of a new factory the installation of a new factory. 2 (Agreement) Agreement m., housing m.: to reach an agreement (with). 4 (Act of colonizing) Colonization f., colony of settlers; (colony) Colony f., colony m.: Greek colonies in Magna Greece the Greek colonies in Magna Greece. Trabzonspor, leader in Turkey, was excluded from the European competition for a year because it had not respected the pickets imposed by financial fair play. Uefa notified the sanction to the Turkish club for not fulfilling the conditions of the 2016 agreement, when the Financial Control Body of the Continental Federation found violations by the Company Trebisonda. Disqualification for the Turks withdrew. RELATED TOPICS: | Agreements and Joint Ventures Transaction Agreement| Galatasaray | Uefa | Roma (Kader) | Manchester City | Psg| The last one on the settlement agreement20. June 2020, 09:30Fair Financial Play, Olympique de Marseille “saves” the place of Uefa champions…

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