Splunk Enterprise Adoption Agreement

“Support Programs” are the support programs offered by Splunk and identified here: Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) converts machine data into responses. Companies use leading splunk solutions with machine learning to solve their toughest IT, internet, and security challenges. Join millions of passionate users and still discover your “Aha” moment with Splunk: Media ContactSplunk Inc.Jacinda Mein, 415-266-3990Jacinda@splunk.comorInvestor ContactSplunk Inc.Ken Tinsley, “Capacity” means measuring the use of an offer (z.B. aggregated daily data volume, specific source rights, number of search and compute units, number of accounts monitored, virtual processors, user locations, application cases, storage capacity, etc.) that have been purchased for an offer, as indicated in the corresponding order. The capabilities for each of our offers are available here: All conditions agreed between you and the authorized reseller, which apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, apply exclusively between you and the authorized reseller. No agreement between you and an authorized reseller is binding on Splunk, nor has any force or effect on the rights to the offerings, exploitation, use or making available of the offerings. Hopefully, this will help you clarify how you can grow with Splunk with a licensing model that grows with you. For more information, see the Splunk pricing page. If you have any further questions, write a line to and we will help you. “Splunkbase” means Splunk`s online directory or extension platform, currently under, and all successors, replacements, new versions, derivatives, updates and updates, as well as all other similar platforms owned by Splunk and/or controlled by Splunk. “documentation” means online user manuals, documentation, and help and training materials that are published on splunk`s website (for example.

B under or which are accessible via the corresponding offer and may be updated from time to time by Splunk. The above restrictions apply, whether the remedy is contractual or not, regardless of the theory of liability, even if a party or its related enterprises have been informed of the possibility of such damages or if the appeal of a party or its related enterprises has no other essential purpose. Some offerings may contain open source software. Splunk makes available in the relevant documentation a list of open source software integrated into our products as a premise, as provided for in the respective open source software licenses. Any open source software provided as part of your offer that cannot be removed or used separately from the offer is covered by the warranty, support and indemnification rules applicable to the offer. Some open source software may contain additional terms applicable to the use of the offering (for example: For example, the obligation for us to indicate the attribution of the specific licensor, and these conditions are included in the documentation; However, these Terms (a) will not impose additional restrictions on your use of the Offer or (b) deny or change our responsibilities with respect to the Offer. . . .

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