Supported Decision Making Agreement Mn

Hourly fees may be incurred or waived at the discretion of the CESDM, depending on available funding. Example: a person who has medical help in practice in life may have an authorized representative. The authorized representative has the same responsibilities and rights as the candidates or participants. Guardianship occurs when the court gives a person or organization the legal authority to make personal decisions for a person whom the court deems incapable of providing for his or her own basic needs. Circle of Support – These are people the person trusts. They help them think about decisions. These include family, friends, doctors, support professionals, teachers and others. The individual can deal with these people, think about their options and make a decision that suits them best. One can only choose the necessary supervisory powers. In cases of limited guardianship, all decisions made in other areas are the choice of the individual.

Guardianship and assistance with non-legal decision-making may be combined with powers chosen to ensure that a person has the support they need.. . . .

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