The German-Australian Agreement On The Exemption Of Visa Requirements

number of Schengen visas issued by German representations in 2019 for short-term stays (transit, visits, shops, tourism, etc.): 1,959.401 (2018: 1,870,822) Regulation 265/2010 now allows anyone in possession of a national visa (D visa) and a valid travel document to move freely within the Schengen area within six months to a maximum of three months. Does anyone know whether, after 90 days in Germany, we can reintegrate the Schengen area within the framework of the bilateral agreement? Table of countries whose nationals need/require a visa to enter Germany The actual length of time you can stay in a country under visa waiver agreements varies. In most cases, it is 90 days, but there are exceptions. In Belgium, for example, it is 60 days. France is a delicate matter. The bilateral visa waiver agreement between France and Australia allows Australian passport holders to stay in France for three months within six months. This agreement was only signed after the creation of the Schengen area and refers to this agreement. The mission must ensure that, in each particular case, the following requirements are met: like Japan, Canada is also a strategic partner of the European Union. There are 14 visa waiver agreements between Canada and the Schengen or Schengen associated countries, lasting between 60 and 90 days. In the future, all missions will electronically scan applicants` fingerprints when accepting visa applications. This biometric process will be phased in on a region-by-region,-by-region, probably by the end of 2014.

Once a person`s fingerprints have been scanned, an interview at the Mission is only necessary in exceptional cases when submitting a visa application. A new biometric procedure is planned after five years. So it seems that if you enter a Schengen country other than France and stay 30 days, you can only stay in France for the remaining 60 days of your assistance under the Schengen agreements. For example, if you enter France from the UK and before entering another Schengen country, you can stay for up to three months under the Visa Waiver Agreement without deduction of the 90 days allowed by the Schengen Agreement. . . .

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