What Is Representation Agreement

“Marta is in the early stages of Alzheimer`s disease. She can always make simple decisions, like what to eat for lunch. But basic methods confuse them. When her doctor explains the medical procedures to her, she can`t understand it. Marta is no longer able to sign an extended representation agreement. But in my opinion, she can sign a standard representation agreement. She can choose someone she trusts to help her make decisions. 9 (1) In a representation agreement entered into under this section, an adult may, subject to subsections (2) and (3), authorize the adult`s representative to enter into a model agency contract (described in section 7 of the Agency Contracts Act), even though the adult may not be able to manage health or personal care or deal with legal or financial matters. In order to determine whether an adult is able to enter into such an agreement, all relevant factors must be taken into account. Examples of such factors include: (b) all other representatives and deputy representatives appointed in the representation agreement, and there is no legally required format for a representation agreement. However, there are specific legal requirements regarding the signing and testimony of representation agreements, as well as regarding the required certificates that must be signed by your representatives, witnesses and others. If your representation agreement is not properly signed and attested and the required certificates are completed (in the case of a representation agreement under section 9), it may not be valid. A representative appointed under an extended representation agreement shall have the same powers as a representative appointed in a standard contract under Article 7 and may also be entitled to: (b) an alternate representative shall be designated in the agreement and shall be willing and able to act as a representative.

An expanded representation agreement (under section 9 of the Agency Contracts Act) allows for an agreement that goes beyond the limited provisions of a standard agreement. It can be as broad or detailed as the adult desires. Unlike a standard agreement (Article 7), an extended agreement (Article 9) requires the adult to be able to understand the nature and consequences of the agreement. 44.2 If a representation agreement entered into before the repeal of paragraph 9(1)(f) of the Representation Agreement Act by the Adult Guardianship and Planning Statute Law Amendment Act, 2007 on September 1, 2011 authorized a representative to enter into financial support agreements as described in this subsection on behalf of an adult, the agent may continue to exercise this power: as described in the representation agreement. You can select more than one representative in your representation contract if you wish. When you do this, you can assign different areas of competence to each person (for example.B. one who deals with financial matters, and the other your personal and health care) or the same areas of competence. .

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